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Federal and state authorities devote significant resources to investigating fraud and other financial crimes. Complex investigations often involve multiple agencies and can take years to conclude. Those agencies are responsible for determining whether civil, criminal, and/or administrative penalties should be imposed. How a company or individual navigates the investigations can have a significant impact on the outcome.

Fraud is essentially theft through deception -- using dishonest means to gain, or attempt to gain, something of value. Laws prohibiting fraud are written broadly so as to cover a wide array of conduct, and often overlap. Most fraud crimes are felonies. General fraud crimes like mail fraud and wire fraud focus on how a dishonest assertion is communicated. Other fraud crimes apply to specific, highly regulated industries and include health care fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, telemarketing fraud, and bankruptcy fraud. Accordingly, fraud investigations and prosecutions cover a wide range of transactions across a broad array of industries. Companies and individuals conducting business in highly regulated industries are often bound not only by laws and regulations, but also rules and guidance issued by governmental agencies. There are often legitimate disputes over whether a transaction was dishonest or deceptive.

The Suarez Law Firm in Florida has spent decades representing individuals and entities accused of fraudulent conduct in both state and federal court. Recently, there has been an increase in the prosecution of alleged health care fraud but other areas continue to attract the scrutiny of law enforcement. For instance, the downturn in the real estate market and economy brought significant interest in the prosecution of mortgage fraud and securities fraud cases. Our experience includes representing doctors and other healthcare providers in health care fraud investigations, as well as individuals and professionals embroiled in other types of fraud investigations or prosecutions. Our clients have included lawyers, bankers, and other professionals who have found themselves in the middle of transactions scrutinized by the authorities. We have also individuals who have been charged with securities violations and have represented clients involved criminal prosecutions as well as SEC enforcement actions.

If you are involved in a fraud investigation or prosecution, we have the right team of experienced professionals to help you through these difficult times and provide you with the tools you need to defend your liberty, your property and your personal and professional reputation.