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The Right Choice When Your Most Important Interests Are at Stake

Government investigations, criminal charges, and civil litigation carry significant implications for your career, reputation, and liberty. We vigorously defend our clients in a wide array of criminal and civil litigation matters. Individuals and businesses facing such allegations often underestimate the vast resources available to the government to pursue alleged wrongdoing. Throughout our combined 40+ years of practice, we have consistently demonstrated a singular focus for those who trust us with their legal problems: obtaining the best possible result through careful planning, dedication, and hard work.

Our Practices

Criminal Law

The Suarez Law Firm attorneys have over forty years of combined experience in successfully representing individuals charged with a wide array of state and federal criminal matters.

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We care about our clients, their families, and their futures. Ed Suarez, a successful prosecutor before entering private practice, knows how the other side thinks. Every criminal allegation requires the careful formulation of a global strategy with one goal in mind: obtaining the best possible outcome.

White Collar Defense

The Suarez Law Firm attorneys in Florida have significant experience in representing corporations, corporate officers, and other individuals accused of criminal conduct or other illegal wrongdoing. 

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We have protected and defended our clients from allegations of health care fraud, mail and wire fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, tax violations, money laundering, monetary reporting violations, theft of trade secrets, and violations of the Food and Drugs Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and False Claims Act.

False Claims Act & Qui Tam Litigation

The False Claims Act (FCA) is a powerful and broadly interpreted federal law frequently utilized by the United States Department of Justice. 

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The act was enacted in 1863 with the far-reaching purpose of combating all types of fraud that could result in financial loss to the federal government. It contains a qui tam provision that allows individuals, called “relators” or often “whistleblowers,” to file a lawsuit on behalf of the government against any Healthcare business.

Personal Injury

Serious injuries resulting from accidents or the careless acts of others cause significant disruptions in your life and have far-reaching consequences. 

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Seeking proper medical attention and dealing with insurance companies can be challenging and time-consuming. Past and future financial losses can be devastating. We at the Suarez Law Firm vigorously pursue justice and compensation for our injured clients. We have the talent and experience to successfully advocate for the compensation you deserve.

Drug Crime Defense

Federal and state law enforcement agencies continue to devote vast amounts of resources to the prosecution of drug-related crimes. 

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Drug charges can lead to imprisonment, fines, and the loss of civil liberties; and can affect a person’s driving privileges and professional licenses. The social stigma of a drug conviction often has a significant negative impact on a person’s life, career, and future plans. Federal and state drug laws prohibit a wide gamut of conduct.

Fraud & Other Financial Crimes

Federal and state authorities devote significant resources to investigating fraud and other financial crimes. 

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Complex investigations often involve multiple agencies and can take years to conclude. Those agencies are responsible for determining whether civil, criminal, and/or administrative penalties should be imposed. How a company or individual navigates the investigations can significantly impact the outcome. Fraud is essentially theft through deception, using dishonest means to gain, or attempt to gain, something of value.

DUI Defense

An individual arrested for DUI in Florida will have his driver’s license taken and immediately suspended. 

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Those harsh sanctions are imposed upon arrest prior to any court review of the validity of the charges. Most people don’t realize that if they act quickly, they can obtain a license that allows them to drive to and from work or school and permits other necessary driving without interruption. In addition to protecting our clients’ driving privileges, we advise our clients on the best approach to the criminal prosecution of their DUI charges and have successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases.




Our Commitment Is To Our Clients


Not your typical attorney

If every attorney conducted themselves like Ed Suarez, there wouldn’t be any lawyer jokes. Deeply commited to every aspect of his clients’ lives. Genuinely cares. As an attorney, his credentials, knowledge, skill and reputation are absolutely impeccable. As a person, even more outstanding. Ed deeply loves and cherishes his family and made me feel like I was part of his family. I was actually told by another well respected local attorney that if they were ever in any trouble, that they (as an attorney) would want Eddie representing them without hestiation. If you need the very best representation that money can buy- here it is.


Client Review

Mr. Suarez represented me in a criminal case. I think he was very caring and supportive throughout the process. Mr. Suarez represented me very diligently and worked well within the system. He went to bat for me and held his ground with the prosecution which led to a favorable outcome. I would recommend Mr. Suarez to a friend.


Chief Strategic Officer

Mr. Suarez is a rare person. I have known him now going on 15 years. Aside from his qualifications as an attorney, which I might add are impeccable, he has proven to me and others I have recommended he cares about the individual not only the client. He does exhaustive research and has an excellent team he works with in preparing to represent you. I can say from personal experience he exceeded my expectations in many ways. He is a rare breed in that he is not ruled by the almighty dollar. He puts himself on the line for you in every way possible and goes the extra mile. Although I have not been privileged to meet his family I have had many discussions with him regarding his children and his family beliefs as I am married with children. I can say without reservation his representation of you cannot be matched.


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