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We Prosecute White Collar Criminal Offenses

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We Specialize in White Collar Criminal Defense, Government Investigations, and Civil Cases Involving Allegations of Criminal Conduct or Similar Wrongdoing.

The Suarez Law Firm attorneys in Florida have significant experience in representing corporations, corporate officers, and other individuals accused of criminal conduct or other illegal wrongdoing. We have protected and defended our clients from allegations of health care fraud, mail and wire fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, tax violations, money laundering, monetary reporting violations, theft of trade secrets, and violations of the Food and Drugs Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and False Claims Act.

In the last decade, we have seen a significant increase in the number of documents produced by the government in white-collar cases. Often the government produces terabytes of data (the equivalent of trailer trucks of banker boxes full of documents). Unlike other law firms that do not have the necessary technology to handle this information effectively, at the Suarez Law Firm, we have the capability, in-house, through the use of the Intella Pro document review platform and other technology solutions to effectively review and process large document productions.

Image Depicting Fraud, Criminal Conduct, and Illegal Wrongdoing

Qualified and Experienced Counsel

Many assertions of wrongdoing are initiated by a civil lawsuit or a regulatory agency. Once the government begins a civil investigation, any indication of criminal behavior may result in the assignment of a criminal prosecutor to monitor the investigation. Accordingly, it is critical to retain qualified and experienced counsel.

Our Expertise

We conduct internal investigations on behalf of our corporate clients and defend and protect our clients confronted with government investigations, including parallel investigations by criminal, civil, and regulatory authorities. Doing so requires the ability to master legally and factually complex topics while assessing and minimizing civil and criminal liability. Our knowledge and experience in both the civil and criminal arenas allow us to develop effective global strategies for optimal resolutions.

Trial Work

The government devotes significant resources to prosecuting white-collar criminal offenses. However, statistics show that white-collar crime is charged much less frequently than non-white-collar offenses, and cases rarely go to trial. Our high-level trial work, coupled with our breadth of experience with heavily regulated industries, set us apart.