Dui Defense

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Florida law is tough on those arrested for DUI. Even a first offense carries serious legal consequences. Many of our clients charged with DUI have never experienced being arrested, booked, placed in a jail holding cell, and appearing as a defendant in court. The process can be a difficult and disconcerting experience. We understand the importance of guiding our clients through that process, and we have the experience, knowledge, and talent to obtain the best resolution for your case.

Dui Arrest Consequence

An individual arrested for DUI in Florida will have his driver’s license taken and immediately suspended. Those harsh sanctions are imposed upon arrest prior to any court review of the validity of the charges. Most people don’t realize that if they act quickly, they can obtain a “Business Purpose Only” license which allows them to drive to and from work or school and permits other necessary driving without interruption.

Our Expertise

In addition to protecting our clients’ driving privileges, we advise our clients on the best approach to the criminal prosecution of their DUI charges. We have successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases. Florida’s tough DUI laws carry mandatory minimum sentences that include mandatory probation and fines, significant community service, impoundment of vehicles, and, in some circumstances, mandatory jail terms. For additional information, check our Resources page and click on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Clients should also consider that, under Florida law, a third DUI arrest can be charged as a felony.

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Many of your rights must be exercised within specific time frames, or they are waived, so do not delay. If you have been arrested for DUI, call us immediately. We can help.