False Claims Act and Qui Tam Litigation

We Represent Those Targeted by Qui Tam Relators

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We Represent Individuals and Businesses Targeted by Qui Tam Relators and Accused of False Claims Act Violations.
The False Claims Act (FCA) is a powerful and broadly interpreted federal law frequently utilized by the United States Department of Justice. The act was enacted in 1863 with the far-reaching purpose of combating all types of fraud that could result in financial loss to the federal government. It contains a qui tam provision that allows individuals, called “relators” or often “whistleblowers,” to file a lawsuit on behalf of the government against any healthcare business or individual who caused a false claim to be submitted to the government. Although in recent years the healthcare industry in Florida has been most frequently targeted, any person or entity dealing with federal funds is at risk.

False Claims Act’s Triple-Damages Provision

Realtors have a strong motivation to bring False Claims Act lawsuits, as they are entitled to receive up to 30% of the money recovered. That motivation is further heightened by the False Claims Act’s triple-damages provision. Unlike other lawsuits, False Claims Act cases cannot be filed without an attorney. Relators file hundreds of qui tam suits every year and recover millions of dollars. The government recovers billions.

Represent Both Companies and Individuals

The Defense attorneys at the Suarez Law Firm have represented both companies and individuals alleged to have violated the False Claims Act in matters initiated by the government and by qui tam relators. Such experience is critical due to the elevated risks inherent in False Claims Act litigation. In addition to triple damages, those accused of violating the False Claims Act are exposed to the imposition of substantial civil penalties and being held responsible for the relator’s attorney fees and costs; lengthy administrative exclusions from government programs or strict monitoring requirements; licensure inquiries; and exposure to criminal liability.

Knowledge and Experience

The Suarez Law Firm attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and trial capabilities necessary to protect and defend those accused of False Claims Act violations and facing civil, administrative, and criminal repercussions. Due to the fact that most cases reach out-of-court resolutions, our trial experience is one of our strongest and most unique assets. We have tried lengthy, legally and factually complex cases, and are capable of accurately assessing litigation risks so that our client may make fully informed decisions. Our experience allows us to obtain optimal resolutions for our clients, out of court or at trial.