As cryptocurrencies continue to integrate into mainstream finance, the ecosystem has seen a rise in sophisticated scams, prompting significant legal and regulatory challenges. To address this, major cryptocurrency exchanges and tech companies like Coinbase and Ripple Labs have come together to form the “Tech Against Scams” initiative. This partnership underscores a proactive approach to tackling the legal complexities of cryptocurrency scams.

Understanding “Tech Against Scams”

The initiative focuses on educating the public about common fraudulent schemes, particularly the “pig butchering” scam—a method where scammers build trust before financially exploiting victims. This method often begins on dating apps or through fraudulent business propositions, exploiting the decentralized and somewhat anonymous nature of digital currencies.

Role of Legal Professionals

The urgency of this initiative is underscored by a recent legal development in the Central District of California, where an indictment was unsealed revealing the complex nature of these scams. Two Chinese nationals, Daren Li and Yicheng Zhang, face charges for allegedly orchestrating a scheme that laundered at least $73 million from cryptocurrency investment frauds. This operation involved intricate methods of transferring funds from victims through U.S. bank accounts to offshore accounts, subsequently converting these funds into cryptocurrencies. (See DOJ press release for additional details:

The U.S. Department of Justice has pointed out that such scams leverage the global and somewhat anonymous nature of digital currencies, which can sometimes complicate efforts to track and prosecute offenders. Assistant Director Brian Lambert of the U.S. Secret Service has emphasized the continuous threat posed by these scams to the financial infrastructure, highlighting the critical need for vigilance and proactive educational measures.

For criminal defense attorneys, the initiative underscores the need for practitioners to stay informed. The evolving landscape of digital financial assets requires lawyers to stay current in both regulatory and industry trends to effectively assist in defending those wrongly accused in the complex web of crypto transactions. Criminal defense attorneys often assist victims, including businesses who have been victimized by digital fraudsters.; navigating the investigative stages, cooperating with investigative authorities and ultimately ensure that if an arrest is made and a conviction obtained that the client victim receives restitution when valuable digital assets are recovered.

The Suarez Law Firm recently assisted a major Tampa-based company with receiving restitution from the Department of Justice to recover some of its losses resulting from a digital hack. We have also assisted digital assets startups with understanding the evolving regulatory framework.

Future Legal Trends

As this initiative progresses, it could influence future regulatory policies and assist Congress with developing a rational approach to regulating the digital assets space. Legal professionals must stay informed about these developments to effectively navigate and influence the evolving jurisprudence around cryptocurrencies.


The “Tech Against Scams” initiative is a commendable step towards mitigating the risks associated with digital currencies. For legal experts, staying ahead of these trends is essential for safeguarding clients’ interests and ensuring the robustness of financial and regulatory systems. Just as the landscape of digital currency continues to evolve, so too does the need for informed legal advocacy and compliance strategies.

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