Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision holding that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against gay and transgender workers is significant in a number of ways and we leave it to those who are more knowledgeable than us in matters involving employment discrimination to expound on the long-term impact of the opinion.

However, we think is important and hopeful to note that Justice Gorsuch wrote the opinion for the majority. In a world where tribalism is the norm, and pundits consistently distill issues into binary choices, it was encouraging to see Justice Gorsuch, a conservative Justice, appointed by President Trump, go outside the borders of his presumed tribe and write and honest opinion grounded in intellectual integrity.  We can argue as to whether or not the majority opinion is right, as Justice Alito and Kavanaugh did in their dissents, but it appears to us that there is little argument that Justice Gorsuch showed a willingness to set aside what are likely to be his personal views and to apply the law as he believed was correct, without concern for politics or tribalism. Whether you agree or disagree with the opinion (and we agree), we believe yesterday was a good day for the integrity and independence of the judiciary.   #SuarezLawFirm