MittaniOver our many years practicing criminal law in Tampa, we’ve repeatedly worked with a number of exceedingly gifted lawyers from Zuckerman, Spaeder. The Tampa office of that prestigious law firm, boasts a long list well-regarded lawyers – Jack Fernandez, Sandy Weinberg, Lee Fugate, Marcos Hasbun, Nate Berman, Jo Ann Palchak – the list goes on.

I am privileged to count Jack Fernandez as one of my good friends, so as any good friend would, I’m going to pick on him. Jack’s list of accomplishments is long; he is recognized as one of America’s Leading Lawyers for Business Litigation and White Collar Criminal Defense and listed as one of the Best Lawyers in America (see his firm’s website for more Jack is also a graduate of the Naval Academy and a former jet fighter pilot (I am also told he once fought Chuck Norris to a draw but I have not been able to verify that report).

JackBut despite Jack’s and his Tampa partners’ many achievements, none compares to the accomplishments of their former Washington, DC partner, Alex Gianturco, who according to the ABA Journal, left Zuckerman Spaeder to become the “galactic overlord.” ( Also visit Gianturco’s online gaming site

Yep. Beat that Jack Fernandez!

We thought fighting Chuck Norris to draw was impressive but Galactic Overlord – that’s just a whole other universe!

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