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Misconduct by a lawyer, at any level, is troubling but misconduct on the part of those representing the government strikes at the very heart of our freedom.

In our experience prosecutorial misconduct is rare – most prosecutors are honorable people, ethically carrying out their duties.  There is problem however; the problem is that when misconduct is discovered, there seems to be an almost institutional reluctance to exact meaningful punishment.  This was probably most evident in the aftermath of the prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens, where despite serious misconduct, virtually no punishment was dispensed (two prosecutors were suspended but their suspension was later overturned by a review board).

Prosecutors should be commended for the important work they do but we give them tremendous power and trust them to exercise that power with meticulous adherence to the rule of law.  A willful violation of that trust must not be overlooked or easily forgiven – such inaction will lead to a serious of undermining of our freedom and the integrity of our political and justice system.